Daily Tattoo Care Butter

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Every Day Tattoo Care Butter with Dragon’s Blood

Yes, have cracked it. We made an effective everyday tattoo care butter that will make your tattoos look amazing. Applied to damp skin straight after showering will make your tattoos look more intense and your skin feeling smoother and never sticky with a pleasant scent of papaya and coconut. Butter is 100% natural and vegan, enriched with Dragon’s Blood Extract. 

  • Intensifies colours of your tattoo
  • Slows down the fading process 
  • Accelerates skin regeneration

Available in 50g & 250g

100% Cruelty-Free, Tested on Humans



A mix of natural, unrefined butter combined with the power of Dragon Blood and natural, low UV protection make our butter ideal for everyday tattoo care, healing and preparing your skin before the tattooing session. 

How To Ensure Your Tattoos Look Like Brand New? 

Carefully selected ingredients contained in Dragon’s Blood Butter provide a cocktail of vitamins and minerals necessary to keep your skin and tattoos in perfect shape.

Well-nourished and moisturised skin = Beautiful and sharp tattoos for years. 


Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Rice Oil, Sunflower Oil

A mix of unrefined, high-quality, 100% safe and natural oils and butter make skin and tattoos look healthy and vibrant in cold winter months as well as during hot, drying summers. 

Protect your tattoos from fading and loosing on vibrancy, so you can just focus on enjoying your beautiful, tattooed body all year round. 

Dragons Blood Extract 

Increases the amount of the most important dermis cells where your tattoo is located by 40%

Studies show that Dragon’s Blood is 2 to 2000 times stronger antioxidant than other known antioxidants. Stops bleeding, reduces pain, redness and swelling. Creates a protective coating over the tattooed area which makes the wound heal very quickly.

Rosemary Extract

Has Bactericidal, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory and UV protective qualities.

Aloe Vera

Speeds up healing, prevents inflammation, increases the absorption of some vitamins, moisturises and regenerates tattooed skin.

Other Use 

  • Before Tattooing Session

Use a few days before your tattoo session to nourish and prepare the skin. It will make the tattooing process easier and regeneration after much faster. Your tattoo artist will thank you! 

  • During The Healing 

Use 3-4 times a day on the previously cleaned tattoo to reduce pain, swelling, redness, irritation and to accelerate healing. 


Use By Date: 12 months after opening

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